Meaning is the best available means for development, insight, decision making and achieving results to attain the goals you set.

These goals can be focused on business, leadership, management and/or your personal life. They are always linked to your performance and use of your capabilities as related to what you want to achieve.

Meaning enables you to apply your strengths, beat constraints, and employ your knowledge and experience effectively.

All this is accomplished in a way that fits your life’s purpose, goals, and a work/life balance that is suitable for you. The intent is to show you how to accomplish what you want by using optimally what you have and are capable of.

Why Meaning?

Meaning is a made-to-order, result-focused profile of who you actually are. Meaning is based on factual information you affirm wholeheartedly and are able to bring into action.

Meaning will show you this:

  • Your capabilities and using them effortlessly.
  • How to be effective in achieving your goals.
  • The means that are immediately available to you.
  • How to build useful relationships that last.
  • Your personal style of leadership and how to apply it.
  • What you find truly important in life and how to weave it into the practical day-to-day business of your life and work.
  • How to achieve and maintain a sustainable work/life balance.
  • How to show leadership that people actually would like to follow, and in effect achieve results with these people.
  • How to build team capabilities.
  • Your personal style of transaction and relation skills, and how to apply them.

The Meaning Process

Meaning is a result-focused process that connects goal and capabilities with real-time results. You set the goal and manage the direction and progress. The process consists of conversations, analyses, personalized report(s), and advice on concrete steps that will take you to the goal you set.

Specific Results of Meaning

You set the professional and personal results, with a time line. Together we design what is needed to achieve these results. We enable you to attain the results both in your business and in your personal life.

Specifically Meaning can be used for:

  • Building trust and relationships that will lead to results with less implementation time and greater commitment.
  • Identifying and successfully resolving critical communication issues, leading to productive team interaction.
  • Establishing cooperation between diverse groups through clarity of purpose & goal, means & responsibilities, agreements together with the proper meaning & authority.
  • Resolving potential conflicts quickly, and identifying how to successfully address the cause, together with those involved.
  • Building cooperation and team capabilities, including real-time execution, evaluation and adaptation skills.
  • Leading radical change and achieving improvement through leadership and execution of what needs to be done.
  • How to find the shared meaning between people, and recognize them for whom they are, what they need, and how they relate.

Main business reasons to use Meaning

Meaning has proven to increase effectiveness, quality of leadership, and create a breakthrough in profitability. The most important result Meaning achieves is growth in both quality and quantity of results, and the speed in which these results are attained. Moreover, vitality, flexibility and adaptability increase. In essence Meaning leads to the full use of leadership, business, and personal potential.

Meaning is what works, and delivers results in line with the goal you set and your purpose.