High Performance Teams

The contrast between good performing and high performance is the setting of the goal. If you want high performance, demand it by setting the right goal and finding the input that works.

With this in mind we facilitate the best possible team off-sites and teambuilding that leads to high performance in line with the business goals. We provide input based on clarity about what makes high performance and exceptional results possible.

Team off-sites

For a team off-site to work, there has to be the right mix of goal, invitation, reality check, and real-time progress. Reaching the goal with all critical success factors touched and agreed upon, and taken action on real-time during the stay, is the benchmark for success.

For the location we always find a place that enables the team to experience what is necessary to step up to high performance.


Teambuilding only works when the focus is work and business goal related. All the factors that hinder performance need to be checked and addressed where necessary. Among these factors are always communication, decision taking, execution & evaluation enabling adaptation, right understanding of each other, leadership and cooperation.

Most of these factors are experienced as very personal, and therefore need professional facilitation to be properly expressed, understood, and put into an effective mode. With the right mix of business relevance, personal recognition and professional assistance and reinforcement all critical success factors will find resolution.