Cooperation and strategy execution

We help our clients to identify the potential in cooperation and strategy execution. This improves overall results. Following are some examples of situations were cooperation proved to be a CSF in getting to results:

  • Conflict resolution – A personal or professional clash interferes with the business. You need a resolution while the contenders stay together constructively.
  • Infighting between branches – Cooperation within the organization must improve and deliver results in line with business critical issues.
  • Getting with the program – Overcoming resistance, and winning over skepticism. This situation typically occurs during major organizational change.
  • Common ground – Major linking pins must know what is conflicting & what are the overlaps, and act on resolving issues that hinder performance.
  • Keep onboard – You have to fire someone, but you don’t want to because of business reasons and the need to give someone a last change with a fixed demand.
  • Team reset – A group needs to improve its cooperation and performance.